Not One, but Two Shacks at 369 Valley Street!

Save the Shack recently learned that there are not one, but two Earthquake Shacks at 369 Valley Street.


There is a Type B shack (14 feet by 18 feet) at the front of the home, and a Type A shack (10 feet by 14 feet) attached to the rear of the front shack.


This new information was discovered by the Planning Department on a site visit in April.


The "professional" Tim Kelley Consulting firm that was hired by the developer to perform a historical resource evaluation failed to recognize the second shack.  Or did the Kelley firm recognize the second shack, but fail to disclose it?


Now that we know there are TWO Earthquake Shacks at 369 Valley Street, we have twice as many reasons to preserve them.


(May 11, 2015)

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